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Police gun down terrorist suspects

Main Topix: Mombasa County Commander Robert Kitur - County Commissioner Nelson Marwa
Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa Speaks At His Office In Mombasa In This Photo Taken On July 11, 2014. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | NATION Police Friday evening gunned down two suspected terrorists at the Likoni bus terminus.

Justice delivery crisis as judges go on leave

The High Court Declared That Private Clubs Are Not Insulated From Obligations To Respect And Uphold Fundamental Rights Of Individual Members Under The Disguise Of Privacy. FILE Judges are preparing to go on a long vacation, as nearly 180,000 cases remain pending in the courts countrywide.

US, Australia withdraw aid workers over security

Inspector General of Police David Kiamiyo (L) and Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku during the recent crackdown on terror suspects.
  • Engineering News
    The self-driving truck leaps from the drawing board, promising a revolution

Outcome of Raila's petition against Uhuru's election at the heart of new row, say lawyers

Main Topix: Nyando MP Fred Outa And Garissa - Chief Justice Willy Mutunga
PHOTO BILLY MUTAI Law Society Of Kenya Chairman Eric Mutua. LSK Has Vowed A Legal Onslaught Against Attorney General Githu Muigai And Top Officials Of The State Law Office For What It Described As Their “unconstitutional, Illegal And Unprofessional” Handling Of The Anglo Leasing Type Cases. The Supreme Court equally requires courts to abide by its early decision on when a party is said to be in a position to prove wrong the allegations by another, known in legal terms as the shifting of the burden of proof.
  • The Daily Nation
    Who's smarter now? Questions as Supreme court halts Appeal rulings
  • CapitalFM
    Lawmakers dismiss petition against IEBC

Okwiri: Why I sometimes wander around graveyards

Main Topix: Billy Kahora And Okwiri Oduor - Catholic University
The Prize Winning Writer, Okwiri Oduor, Spoke To Saturday Nation In An Exclusive Interview From London And Told Us What Next After The Caine, And Why She Likes To Wander Around Graveyards. PHOTO COURTESY The prize winning writer, Okwiri Oduor, spoke to Saturday Nation in an exclusive interview from London and told us what next after the Caine, and why she likes to wander around graveyards.

Coverage from Zimbabwe Newspapers

Contents of seized vessel off-loaded

The consignment is suspected to be drugs. Security officers off-loaded contents of a vessel that was impounded off the Kenyan territorial waters in Mombasa on Wednesday.

MPs get princely Sh2.4bn to hire aides

MPs In The House During A Past Session.  An Internal Memo Obtained By The Saturday Nation Shows That The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) Set Aside Sh2.3 Billion For Offices And Support Staff For The 337 Elected MPs From July 1. PHOTO | FILE MPs in the House during a past session. An internal memo obtained by the Saturday Nation shows that the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) set aside Sh2.3 billion for offices and support staff for the 337 elected MPs from July 1.

Let the ruling classes get off our backs, then they can pray themselves silly

Every serious study shows that the political class is the single most important cause of national underdevelopment and outbreaks of violence.