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2 Injured In Gangsters Attack In Samburu

2 Injured In Gangsters Attack In Samburu Two people are nursing gunshot wounds at Maralal hospital in Samburu County. The two were reportedly attacked by armed gangsters along Maralal-Wamba road on Friday morning.

Top official implicated in Baragoi killings

Former Rift Valley PPO John M’Mbijiwe (left) And Former Anti Stock Theft Unit Boss Remi Ngugi In A Nairobi Court On August 27, 2013. The Ghost Of Baragoi Has Returned To Haunt Senior Government Officials And Police Commanders In An Explosive Report Over The Massacre. FILE PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI | Former Rift Valley PPO John M’Mbijiwe (left) and former Anti-Stock Theft Unit boss Remi Ngugi in a Nairobi court on August 27, 2013.

Grief as 15 Mandera raid victims are buried

Nyeri, Kenya: They were strangers when they left home to go to Mandera county in search of a better livelihood but an unfortunate death united them.

2 People Injured In Baragoi Attack

2 People Injured In Baragoi Attack Two people were seriously injured after armed assailants attacked their motorcycle at Bendera area, four kilometers away from Baragoi town on Thursday evening.

Travel secrets of the northern wilderness

Lake Nakuru National  Park. PHOTO | FILE This tourist destination is little talked about but has some hidden gems. Did you know that Marsabit County is the cradle of mankind? The county is located in Northern Kenya and borders Wajir on the North East and Ethiopia to the North.

Coverage from South Africa Newspapers

Anti FGM Campaign Launched In Samburu

Anti FGM Campaign Launched In Samburu An anti-female genital mutilation campaign has been launched amongst members of the Samburu community bringing together local political leaders, village elders and religious leaders.

Land expert MPs to study Karen land scandal

Committee Chairman Alex Mwiru Said The Five Member Team Will Comprise MPs John Kihangi (Naivasha) And George Oner (Rangwe) Who According To The Parliamentary Website Are Land Surveyors While Waweru Nderitu (Ndaragwa) Is A Land Valuer Having Served At The Deposit Protection Fund Before Joining Parliament FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 25 – The Lands Committee of the National Assembly has set up a team of internal experts to look into the 138 acre Karen land scandal and submit a report next week.
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    Muslim leaders demand re-opening of shut mosques

Blame game as 10 victims of Isiolo bandit attack buried

Main Topix: Buffalo Springs Game Reserve - North MP Joseph Samal
The 10 victims of last Tuesday’s attack along the Isiolo-Samburu border were buried on Friday evening in an emotional ceremony attended by county and national government leaders.

Tension high in Isiolo following killings

LIVESTOCK Tension is still high along the Isiolo-Samburu border where 10 people were killed on Tuesday following inter-communal clashes.