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Snake bit a 12-year old girl killing her several hours later

SAMBURU, KENYA: Tragedy has hit villages in Samburu County after a venomous snake bit a 12-year old girl killing her several hours later.

Boost For Livestock Farmers In Samburu

Boost For Livestock Farmers In Samburu Samburu County in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture has launched pestes des petit ruminant PPR vaccine to vaccinate their animals against pneumonia.

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Police recover childrens bodies in dreaded Suguta Valley

Samburu, Kenya: Police officers in Samburu County with assistance of locals yesterday recovered bodies of two children in the remote Suguta Valley.

He cleverly earned my trust then crushed it

After working with a reputed pharmaceutical company for a few years, I was laid off.

Samburu County Benefits From Water Project

Samburu County Benefits From Water Project The total cost of the water project is estimated to be about Ksh 5 million. The residents who were previously forced to walk for kilometers on end in search of water for many years now have the good fortune of accessing water.

Locals prefer camel meat for its medicinal value

Locals Prefer Camel Meat For Its Medicinal Value Moyale, Kenya: A kilo of camel meat retails at Sh400 in Moyale town where residents believe the delicacy also has medicinal value.

Bomb found in school compound

Samburu, Kenya: Waso Muslim Primary School in Archers Post, Samburu East had lessons disrupted for the better part of the day after an active explosive was discovered a few metres from the classrooms.

Cattle rustlers kill two people, flee with tens of livestock from Baragoi

Police and Red Cross officers on their way to search for casualties. SAMBURU COUNTY: Heavily armed cattle rustlers invaded and attacked Nachola village in Baragoi shooting two people dead and seriously injuring four others.