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20 rhinos to be reintroduced to Samburu habitat

Black Rhinos Efforts to conserve wildlife in the country may soon get a boost when 20 black rhinos are re-introduced to their natural habitat at the Sere Olipi rangelands in Samburu County.

Coverage from South Africa Newspapers

Thugs shoot dead Form One student in Baragoi

Baragoi, Kenya: A sombre mood has engulfed residents of Baragoi in Samburu North after a 15-year-old Form One student was shot dead by three armed robbers.

Armed herders kill boy in Samburu

A map showing Baragoi area, Samburu County where a 15-year-old boy was shot dead by cattle raiders on September 19, 2014.

1 Killed, 1 Injured In Baragoi Attack

1 Killed, 1 Injured In Baragoi Attack Tension is high in Baragoi, Samburu County after one person was killed and another critically injured when bandits attacked Nyatiti village on Thursday evening.

Boy killed in herders' gun fight in Baragoi

Baragoi, Kenya: A 14-year-old boy has succumbed to bullet injuries and a man is nursing critical injuries following a confrontation in Baragoi between the Samburu and Turkana herders.

Why our elephants and rhinos have to die

Main Topix: Tanzania And Mozambique - Kenya Wildlife Service
One of the four elephants killed for ivory at Logorate, near Mugie Ranch in Samburu County, northern Kenya on September 24, 2013.

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The cultural rebel of Barsaloi

Agilas Lenakwapus Outside Her Manyatta In Samburu In August 2014. Agilas Lenakwapus outside her manyatta in Samburu in August 2014. She does not feel that she is going against deeply ingrained cultural norms by preferring to have her baby in hospital.

Name poaching lords, MPs tell spy agency

Main Topix: Wildlife Conservation And Management Act - National Intelligence Service
PHOTO | FILE KWS Rangers Examine The Carcass Of An Elephant Killed At Logorate Near Mugie Ranch In Samburu County. KWS rangers examine the carcass of an elephant killed at Logorate near Mugie ranch in Samburu County.

Infant miraculously survives two hours in pit latrine

A new born baby allegedly delivered and dumped in a pit latrine by its mother in Maralal town of Samburu County miraculously survived inside the latrine before being rescued by police after two hours.

KTB leverages on camel derby to woo tourists

Main Topix: Samburu County Governor - Kenya Tourism Board
Yare Camel Club Entrance In Maralal Where The Camel Derby Was Flagged Off, And Participants In An Amateur Race On August 25, 2012. PHOTOS | CHARLES KAMAU Yare Camel Club entrance in Maralal where the camel derby was flagged off, and participants in an amateur race on August 25, 2012.