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Security beefed up in Mombasa

Security has been beefed up in Mombasa and its environs ahead of this year’s Easter celebrations. Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa assured area residents and visitors of

Baragoi Disarmament Exercise

Baragoi Disarmament ExerciseOne and half years since the tragic Baragoi security operation in which bandits massacred 52 police officers, a similar confrontation ensued yesterday down the same Suguta valley i

Relief as officers pin down bandits, recover 7 guns in Suguta

Baragoi, Kenya: Security officers have recovered seven guns from bandits who killed 42 police officers at Suguta Valley, Baragoi in November 2012. The guns were recovered after hea

Guns recovered by police from officers massacred by bandits in Baragoi, 2012

Police say they have recovered 7 guns taken from the police officers who were massacred by bandits in baragoi in november 2012. The guns were recovered from bandits believed to hav
  • The Standard
    Governors battle gambling controller, seek share of the Sh200b industry

Police recover guns lost in Baragoi killings

Administration Police mark the bodybags with the remains of their colleagues from Sukuta Valley in Baragoi. Police Friday recovered seven firearms in Baragoi, Samburu County, three

Govts give away Africa's farmlands, acre by acre

A Look At Recent Mega Land Deals In Africa Reveals A Trend Dubbed A ‘dangerous Grab’ Of The Resource Upon Which The Continent’s Poor People Depend For Survival. Photo FILEA look at recent mega land deals in Africa reveals a trend dubbed a ‘dangerous grab’ of the resource upon which the continent’s poor people depend for survival. A look at rec

Senator Lesuuda Endorses Donate A Book Kenya Initiative

Senator Lesuuda Endorses Donate A Book Kenya InitiativeThe Donate A Book Kenya Initiative has received endorsement from nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda of Samburu County. Senator Lesuuda termed the initiative as a key step to promoti
  • The Daily Nation
    WAIGURU: Rooting for the greater wellbeing of Kenyan women
  • TechMoran
    CEO Weekends:Up-Close With Kenya's Evanna Hu On g.Maarifa's Mission, Impact & The MENA Expansion
  • The Daily Nation
    Village celebrates 79 year old KCSE candidate
  • The Daily Nation
    Low cost schools to boost pupil enrolment rates in ASALs

MY TOWN: There's more to Maralal than livestock theft

About a Kilometer into the Amateurs' race at the Yare Camel Club in Maralal, Samburu on 25th August 2012. The town, which is also home to Kenyatta House, where Mzee Jomo Kenya

Cabinet Retreat Starts In Nanyuki

Cabinet Retreat Starts In NanyukiPresident Uhuru Kenyatta is at the moment chairing a cabinet retreat in Nanyuki. The Cabinet retreat is being held at the Mt. CitizenTVNewsNow on #CitizenLiveAt1, King'ori Wanderi

KCSE 2013: Samburu excels for the second year running

Kenya: Samburu County rose from the ashes of conflict and poverty for the second year running to emerge top in the just released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education ( KCSE) ex