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Follow health rules or ship out, Kenya tells exporters

A Worker At The Maridadi Flower Company In Naivasha Arranges Roses For Export On February 09, 2008. The Government Has Ordered Exporters Of Fresh Produce To Europe To Either Adhere To The Laid Down Health Standards Or Close Shop As The Country Fights To Save The Multi Billion Shilling Horticulture Sector From Collapse. PHOTO | SIMON MAINA | FILE A worker at the Maridadi flower company in Naivasha arranges roses for export on February 09, 2008.

Kenya directs airlines to enforce fresh produce safety permit rule

Main Topix: Ministry Of Agriculture Sicily Kariuki - European Union
Airlines operating in Kenya’s main airports have been ordered to ensure all exporters of agricultural produce have safety clearance certificates to avoid increased sanctions on its fresh produce exports to the European Union.

Kenya issues directive on fresh produce exports to EU market

Main Topix: Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service - Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
All fresh produce exporters to the European Union and other markets must now have internationally recognised phytosanitary certificates.

Nairobi awaits formal Juba aliens order

Main Topix: The Foreign Affairs Ministry - Secretary Karanja Kibicho
Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho On Wednesday Confirmed No Formal Notice Had Been Sent To The Kenyan Consulate In Juba Or The Foreign Affairs Ministry In Nairobi On The Ban FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 17 – The Foreign Affairs Ministry says Kenya has not been formally notified about the ban of foreigners from working in South Sudan.
  • The Daily Nation
    South Sudan 'to recall' order to sack expatriates
  • The Times
    Fears for South Sudan's future after foreign worker ban

New diplomats ordered to cut extravagance

Karanja Kibicho, The Principal Secretary In The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And International Trade, During The Release Of The 2014 Trade And Development Report On September 11, 2014. Karanja Kibicho, the principal secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, during the release of the 2014 Trade and Development Report on September 11, 2014.

Coverage from Uganda Newspapers

School heads warn funds delay to affect exams

Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi When Releasing The 2013 KCSE Exam Results. Meru Had The Highest Number Exam Cheats In The Exam. It Was Not Immediately Established Which Schools Were Affected By The Irregularities As The County Education Office Was Yet To Compile Data From All The Nine Districts. PHOTO FILE Meru had the highest number exam cheats in the exam. It was not immediately established which schools were affected by the irregularities as the county education office was yet to compile data from all the nine districts.

Fresh vetting for hiring agencies

Ms Fatuma Masoud, The Mother Of Khadijah Omar Who Died In Saudi Arabia Where She Worked As A Househelp. More Than 1,000 Job Seekers At The Coast Have Been Conned Out Of An Estimated Sh30 Million By A Non Governmental Organisation. Ms Fatuma Masoud, the mother of Khadijah Omar who died in Saudi Arabia where she worked as a househelp.

Foreign workers in South Sudan can stay after all

South Sudan President Salva In Juba On June 2, 2014. South Sudan Rescinded Its Controversial Order To Eject Foreign Workers After Intense Lobbying By Diplomats In Juba On September 17, 2014. AFP PHOTO |
Main Topix: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs - South Sudan Cleland Leshore
South Sudan President Salva In Juba On June 2, 2014. South Sudan Rescinded Its Controversial Order To Eject Foreign Workers After Intense Lobbying By Diplomats In Juba On September 17, 2014. AFP PHOTO | South Sudan President Salva in Juba on June 2, 2014. South Sudan rescinded its controversial order to eject foreign workers after intense lobbying by diplomats in Juba on September 17, 2014.

Kenya tells AU flights ban to Ebola nations stays

Main Topix: Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli - Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia
Director Of Medical Services Nicholas Muraguri Said Kenya Was Free To Make Up Its Own Mind Regarding The Suspended Flights And As The Virus Spread To The Democratic Republic Of Congo And Senegal, Further Tighten Its Borders FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 16 – Principal Secretary for Health Khalifa Kasachoon on Tuesday said Kenya would not accede to the African Union request that it lifts its temporary suspension of flights to and from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
  • The Standard
    Taxpayers Sh4b bill to buy drugs for sex workers

Kenya's plan to tame Ebola poor, says WHO

Main Topix: Kenya Medical Research Institute - World Health Organisation
WHO official says that several countries in the region had weaknesses in surveillance and health systems to cope with Ebola outbreak.

Coverage from South Africa Newspapers