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Corrupt public servants to be named in AG report

Auditor General Edward Ouko Recently The Queried Expenditure Of Sh327.9 Billion By Government Departments In The 2012 13 Financial Year. PHOTO | FILE Auditor-General Edward Ouko recently the queried expenditure of Sh327.9 billion by government departments in the 2012/13 financial year.

Government to review relief food portions

The government intends to review the relief food distribution system in the country, to ensure that the rations to hunger victims were enough to sustain the needy households during the dry spell.

EAC rail freight charges higher than global average

Main Topix: East Africa Logistics Performance Survey - Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli
The 2014 East Africa Logistics Performance Survey notes that this is due to the lack of effective concession agreements as well as the inability by operators to invest in improving efficiency.
  • The New Vision
    Kenyatta: Human capital biggest asset for E. Africa
  • The Citizen
    EAC in talks over starting regional security council

Police engage with heavily armed assailants in Garissa

Securityofficers Security officers in Garissa County thwarted a planned assault by suspected members of Al Shabaab militia group against a police station in Bothai village.

Govt launches new standards for repairing motor vehicles

Main Topix: Bureau Of Standard MD Charles Ongwae - Enterprise Principal Secretary Dr
Vehicle Repair The government has developed and launched new standards for repairing motor vehicles in a move aimed at reducing road carnage through poor repairs.
EDITORIAL: Rules will rein in garages   Business Daily Africa

KISERO: Restructuring of Treasury long overdue

I gather from the grapevine that a major restructuring of the National Treasury is in the offing.

PS: Youth instrumental in Africa's development agenda

Newly appointed Devolution Principal Secretary Peter Mangit says the youth in Africa hold the key to the realization of the African Union’s development agenda, Agenda 2063.

Equality commission faults diplomatic picks

Main Topix: National Gender And Equality Commission - President Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses the public at Changamwe accompanied by the new principal secretary for Interior Monica Juma.