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'Anonymous' says it helps to expose corruption in Kenya By harry misiko

“Someone asked for help, and we work for people across the world,” a member of the Latin American-based Anonymous cell told RFI’s English service on Friday, adding that they “feel that there is a lot of corruption,” but people “don’t pay attention to Africa”.

State-owned websites to get local hosting

After the recent debacle of the hacking of the Kenya Defense Forces twitter account and that of Spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir, a meeting between top security officials and Ministry of ICT has resolved to have all government –owned websites hosted locally to curb incidents of cyber attacks.

Counties plan to market own tourist attractions

Tourism players are developing a legal framework to enable devolution of services to counties as part of the industry’s recovery plans.

Coffee farmers may miss pay due to elections

Coffee farmers attend a special general meeting of Barichu Farmers Co-operative Society in Nyeri on July 22, 2014.

State to host websites locally following cyber attacks

Main Topix: Francis Wangusi And ICT Authority - National Cyber Security Strategy
ICT Authority chief executive Victor Kyalo said that the meeting agreed to fast-track implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy.

Why hospital referral guidelines are necessary

Main Topix: Health Principal Secretary Fred Segor - PIMA Project Director Edward Kunyanga
And In More Dire Consequences, An Inefficient Referral System Could Lead To The Loss Of Life, NAIROBI, Kenya, July 23 – A skit formed a part of the entertainment. A form of entertainment, as skits are, meant to impart a dose of knowledge in a capsule of humour.

State turns to counties to boost tourist numbers

Coming at a time when foreign tourist arrivals and earnings have dropped, the strategy will also set in place boundaries on how to devolve county tourism.

Firms shun holiday offer

Main Topix: President Uhuru Kenyatta - Kenya Tourist Federation
Though Travel Advisories Have Affected Tourist Numbers, Kenya Has Not Taken Specific Measures To Boost The Sector. Photo FILE A sharp drop in tourist numbers as witnessed in one of the hotels at the coast. No firm has taken up the paid-up holiday given out by the government as an incentive to help revive tourism.
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    Kenyan MPs want billions recovered from Orange

Kambi warns Coast leaders against insulting President

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 22 – His Principal Secretary, Ali Noor Ismail, had asked him to “make the people laugh,” but he was in no laughing mood.