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Ngilu joins widow's Sh1bn land row with Moi

Main Topix: Mrs Susan Cheburet Chelungui - National Land Commission
Susan Cheburet Chelungui, 76, says her 53-acre parcel of land was grabbed in 2007, two years after the death of her husband Noah Kipngeny Chelungui.

Government to use ICT to fight graft

Internet Connection Ministry of Planning Principal Secretary Eng. Peter Mangiti says the government is leveraging on technology to fight corruption in the public sector.

Treasury seeks MPs' nod to borrow Sh2trn

This is Sh1.3 trillion more than the current limit of Sh1.2 trillion set last year.

Analogue TV's to be switched off in January

DIGITALTV The Communications Authority of Kenya has given media owners up to the end of December this year to move to the digital platform.
  • TechMoran
    Kenya's Media & Telcos Now Have Amnesty From New Charge

Govt to ensure favorable laws for cooperative movement

Wilson Songa Industrialization and Enterprise Development PS Dr. The government is keen to ensure favorable legislation is in place to support the growth of the cooperative movement.

IMF: Kenyan economy to grow at 6.9 pc in 2015

Main Topix: CBK Deputy Governor Haron Sirima - CBK Monetary Policy Committee
SGR RAILWAY The International Monetary Fund has scaled up economic growth forecast for Kenya to 6.9 percent in 2015.