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Parents to pay for school buildings

Main Topix: Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education - Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education
Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi (left) With Permanent Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang (right) During A Press Briefing On The Laptop Project Tenders At Jogoo House On October 17, 2013. A Judge Has Directed The Principal Secretary To Explain Why 96 Pupils From A Kisumu School Were Not Selected To Join Form One. PHOTO  DIANA NGILA Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi (left) with Permanent Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang (right).

Special schools set for upgrade

The Education ministry will upgrade all special secondary schools into national institutions, with counties which lack such facilities getting two each, Principal Secretary Bellio Kipsang said.

State should make good its promise on education

Main Topix: Kenya National Union Of Teachers - President Uhuru Kenyatta
Early last month, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Belio Kipsang gave parents reason to smile when he re-affirmed the Government’s commitment to paying examination fee for all Standard Eight and Form Four students in Government-sponsored schools starting next year.

KenGen targets 560MW of more geothermal power

Energy And Petroleum Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge (left) And KenGen Managing Director Albert Mugo During The Company’s AGM In Nairobi On December 16, 2014. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU Energy and Petroleum Principal Secretary Joseph Njoroge (left) and KenGen managing director Albert Mugo during the company’s AGM in Nairobi on December 16, 2014.
  • The Daily Nation
    KenGen headache as state delays decision on Sh50 billion cash call

Farmers warn of protests if NCPB delays maize buying

Main Topix: National Cereals And Produce Board - Nandi And Iten
Farmers have threatened to paralyse operations in maize-growing regions today if the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) fails to open its stores.

PS: Ban on schools ranking followed consultations

School Rank The Ministry of Education made extensive consultations with stakeholders before banning the ranking of schools and students in national examinations has been abolished, the Principal Secretary for education, Dr.

Al Jazeera Documentary Ignites Wrath Of Government As Media Council Of Kenya Is Required To Act On It

The government of Kenya is outraged by a documentary called Inside Kenya’s Death Squads which was aired by Al Jazeera Television exposing how the government is killing whomever it suspects is a threat to the Kenyan security.

Kenyan govt files complaint against Al Jazeera

The Government has filed a formal complaint with the Media Council of Kenya, requesting them to investigate Al Jazeera journalists for professional misconduct following the documentary they aired on Monday accusing the Government of extrajudicial killings.

Sh5b Uwezo cash given to constituencies

NAIROBI : The Government has disbursed Sh5.3 billion Uwezo funds to 289 constituencies to enable the youth venture into income-generating activities, Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has said.