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Counties to access foreign markets

Kenya : County Governments will soon be able to access regional markets directly and receive foreign investors as the country begins to create mechanism to facilitate the drive.

Fishy payouts in OP's Sh8bn secret coffers

Main Topix: Defence Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo - Director Of Finance And Administration
Defence Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo Speaks To The Media At Harambee House On June 27, 2013. FILE PHOTO | DENISH OCHIENG Defence Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo speaks to the media at Harambee House on June 27, 2013.

753 Kenyan students set for EA Schools contest in Dar ea Salaam

Kenya will be represented by 753 students in the Brookside East African Secondary School Championships that will be staged in Dar ea Salaam on August 22 through to September 1.

US agency puts Kenya's airspace on risky list

Main Topix: Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli - US Federal Aviation Administration
FAA asked commercial flights operated by US carriers to be cautious while overflying Kenya and other African countries, terming them potential conflict zones.

Lift ban on holiday tuition, says senator

West Pokot, Kenya: West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo has called on the Ministry of Education to review its directive that banned all schools from conducting holiday tuition.

Accident victims lose plea against Chinese contractor

NAIROBI, KENYA: Synohydro Company was one of the foreign firms involved in the construction of the Nairobi-Thika superhighway.

Kitale Youth, Shinyalu are Copa Coca-Cola U-15 champs

Kitale Stars grab Football Boys title Copa Coca-Cola 2014 after beating Kisumu Lakers 1-0 in post penalty match at City Stadium on Saturday, August 16th, 2014.

Martha Karua maintains she will support referendum quest

Main Topix: Interior Principal Secretary Mr - Kirinyaga County Karua
Martha Karua Former presidential aspirant and Narc-Kenya party leader, Martha Karua, has maintained that she will support the referendum quest since the government has refused to meet opposition and dialogue over many problems facing the country.

Mathare by election loss and Hon Mike Sonko FACTOR in Uhuru's RESHUFFLE !

Mathare by election loss and Hon Mike Sonko FACTOR in Uhuru’s RESHUFFLE ! The Mathare by-election loss has claimed one victim with Mutea Iringo former principal secretary for Interior demoted to a less glamourous Defence.