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Shocking: URP vs TNA WAR playing out at the Ministry of Energy

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir is on the spot regarding the extension of a contract to the chief executive of State owned fuel marketer, National Oil Corpora

Sugar sector faces anxious times as duty-free imports loom

Kenya : Kenya’s sugar sector is walking on a tightrope as the Government seeks to meet the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa ( Comesa) safeguards. Extended to Feb

Keep it modern yet African

Why should we write about terrorism and people held hostage for hours? Plus, thinking that a politician’s daughter could be among the hostages was way out of the ‘Kenya

Every Kenyan required to have a valid birth certificate

Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo has directed that every Kenyan must have a valid birth certificate as the government embarks on fresh registration of persons. The PS says