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Malawi & NEPAD Partner To Launch Internet Governance Forum

E-Government Principal Secretary Olive Chikankheni said government appreciate the need to govern internet because as a global network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business and government networks, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies, and therefore, carrying extensive range...

President Uhuru launches Jubilee's 10,000km road plan

Main Topix: Kenyatta International Conference Centre - Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich
President Uhuru Kenyatta shakes hands with Infrastructure Principal Secretary John Mosonik as he is welcomed at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre on July 30, 2014, for the opening of the Roads Infrastructure Development Stakeholders Conference.
President launches Jubilee's 10,000km road plan   Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Lucrative Tuna fish could earn the country Sh12 billion annually

Mombasa, Kenya: The government will purchase an offshore patrol vessel to combat illegal, unregulated and uncontrolled fishing in Kenyan waters in the Indian Ocean.

State sets sight on private capital to deliver modern infrastructure

Main Topix: Infrastructure John Mosonik - Public-Private Partnerships
State Sets Sight On Private Capital To Deliver Modern A Href='http: Business Searchq=infrastructure' Infrastructure A This was clear Monday as Principal Secretary for Infrastructure John Mosonik addressed the press hours before President Uhuru Kenyatta opened the region's first ever infrastructure summit in Nairobi.
  • The Standard
    ICC piles pressure on Kenya to release Uhuru records
  • CapitalFM
    Obama announces creation of leadership centre in Kenya

Schools yet to receive free education cash

Main Topix: Primary School Head Teachers Association - Secondary School Heads Association
Kenya Secondary School Heads Association Chairman John Awiti With Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi During The Opening Of The National Student Leaders Conference At The Bomas Of Kenya On April 14, 2014. PHOTO | JENNIFER MUIRURI | FILE Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman John Awiti with Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi during the opening of the National Student Leaders Conference at the Bomas of Kenya on April 14, 2014.
  • The Standard
    Ministry fights to control Sh193 billion climate change cash

Kenyas private sector to take lead in road construction

Main Topix: Kenyatta International Conference Centre - Deputy President William Ruto
NAIROBI, KENYA: The private sector will now take the lead in construction of roads in the country starting with the 10,000 kilometres in the next five years, the Government announced Monday.

Ministry fights to control Sh193 billion climate change cash

A flooded homestead in Nyando, Kisumu County. The government is scrambling to control Sh193 billion from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Counties call for representation in tourism bodies in devolution push

Dr Rose Kisia, the chair of county tourism executives, highlighted in an interview the need to involve them in planning and executing the sector’s growth strategies.

EPA talks collapse, need 'political solutions'

The East African Community and the European Union have yet again failed to agree on the long awaited Economic Partnership Agreements, putting the principal market for Kenya fresh produce exports including cut flowers in jeopardy.