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Anglo Leasing ghost makes comeback

Kenya: A major showdown is looming in Parliament after the Government confirmed that it was processing payments for the controversial multi-billion shilling Anglo Leasing contracts
Anglo Leasing Payments   Citizen News Kenya
The Anglo Leasing Payout   Citizen News Kenya

Devolution ministry in plan to cut wastage in county projects

Kenya; Ministry for Devolution and Planning will monitor and evaluate development projects by county governments to minimise wastage of resources. The ministry would also engage co

Hurdles in the way of 'Buy Kenya' efforts

Kenya: At a one-day conference in Nairobi last Tuesday, each participant had a sweet on the table in front of him or her. But on closer scrutiny, Foreign Affairs and International

Shocking: URP vs TNA WAR playing out at the Ministry of Energy

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir is on the spot regarding the extension of a contract to the chief executive of State owned fuel marketer, National Oil Corpora

Sugar sector faces anxious times as duty-free imports loom

Kenya : Kenya’s sugar sector is walking on a tightrope as the Government seeks to meet the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa ( Comesa) safeguards. Extended to Feb