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Kenyans to acquire digital certificates by end year

TIAMPATI Kenyans will by the end of this year be required to have acquired digital certificates to be able to undertake o their online transactions in a move aimed at boostincyber security in the country.

Kenya woos Danish investors

ADAM MOHAMMED Bringing down the cost of doing business in Kenya and ensuring peace and security top the Government’s major priorities in making the country a preferred investment destination, Industrialization & Enterprise Development Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed has said.

Court stops speed limit law, vehicle inspection

Main Topix: National Transport And Safety Authority - Justice George Odunga
Motorists got a reprieve after the High Court suspended the 50 kilometers per hour speed limit imposed by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

LSK contests 'illegal' road rules

Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli (centre) Watches Police Officers Write A Bail Sheet After His Driver Was Arrested For Speeding On Thika Road On October 5, 2014. FILE PHOTO Transport Principal Secretary Nduva Muli (centre) watches police officers write a bail sheet after his driver was arrested for speeding on Thika Road on October 5, 2014.

Govt releases new relief food distribution guidelines

Relief Food Distribution The Government has released new guidelines and procedures to manage and strengthen distribution of relief food in Arid and Semi-Arid areas that receive Government relief food assistance.

As the next President in 2017, this is what I'll do to KIKUYUs/ KALENJINs - WETANGULA

Kalenjin and vice versa, will be a thing of the past. I will treat communities of this country with dignity, respect and equity.

Health PS says Kenya ready to combat deadly ebola

Main Topix: Stadium Of Light - Sunderland 2-0
Nairobi; Kenya: The Government has put in place measures to ensure airlines entering and leaving the country do not expose Kenyans to the deadly Ebola virus.