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Entire July police recruitment nullified

Main Topix: National Police Service Commission - The High Court
Justice Isaac Lenaola Subsequently Directed The National Police Service Commission To Conduct A Repeat Exercise XINHUA FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 31 – The High Court has nullified the entire recruitment of 10,000 police officers carried out on July 14, citing massive irregularities.

Teachers broke first week of pay, claims Knut

Main Topix: National Police Service Commission - Teachers Service Commission
NAIROBI, KENYA: Thousands of teachers get broke barely one week after earning their monthly salaries, a teachers union has said.

NPSC announces new ranks in police service

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) chairman Johnston Kavuludi (right) and Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo at the commission's offices in Westlands on July 17, 2014.

Kimaiyo won't budge on Lamu curfew

Kimaiyo Said Police Were Acting On Intelligence Reports That Indicate That There Are Still Security Threats In The County File NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 30 – Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo on Thursday said the curfew in Lamu will not be lifted despite protests from locals, the Law Society of Kenya and religious leaders.
  • The Standard
    Kimaiyo defiant over curfew as clerics chant 'Dua Al Badr' prayer

Tension high in Lamu as residents protest over extension of dusk to dawn curfew

Lamu, Kenya: Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo flew to Lamu to witness a major demonstration in Lamu town in protest of dusk to dawn curfew that he had imposed.

Kenya's police vetting goes at snail's pace

Vetting By The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Began In November Last Year, But It Has Fallen Badly Behind Schedule And Is Unlikely To Be Completed By The Target Deadline Of August 2015 FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 18 – Human rights groups and security experts in Kenya say a vetting process that is key to reforming the police force has barely got off the ground, and needs urgent action to make it both credible and effective.