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Kenya's police vetting goes at snail's pace

Vetting By The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) Began In November Last Year, But It Has Fallen Badly Behind Schedule And Is Unlikely To Be Completed By The Target Deadline Of August 2015 FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 18 – Human rights groups and security experts in Kenya say a vetting process that is key to reforming the police force has barely got off the ground, and needs urgent action to make it both credible and effective.

ISIOLO: Govt urged to improve terms for police reservists

Isiolo Peace Link Project coordinator Abdia Mohamud (with laptop computer) briefs police reservists during a monitoring session.

Kavuludi: Officers will not be sacked in new ranking

Kenya: The National Police Service Commission has assured senior police officers that they will not lose their jobs in the coming reorganisation, after some positions were scrapped.

High Court quashes sacking of senior police officer

A pregnant woman had her newborn baby delivered by her boss - after going into labour at w...

150 top police officers to go home

Senior Police Officers In Mandera County After The Rhamu Attack In Which Several People Lost Their Lives. PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI Senior police officers in Mandera County after the Rhamu attack in which several people lost their lives.

Sh179m Malili land fraud trial to go on

Main Topix: Commissioner Of Lands Zablon Mabea - Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama
High Court Judge George Odunga. FILE PHOTO | EVANS HABIL On Tuesday, Justice George Odunga clarified that he did not give any orders stopping the trial.

Court to set ruling date on police recruitment exercise

The High Court is Tuesday expected to set a date on which it will rule on a case that has been lodged by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority seeking to nullify the entire recruitment of 10-thousand police officers.

EDITORIAL: Review number of officers deployed to guard leaders

The need for more bodyguards is largely attributed to increased political representation and new administrative structures in the 47 counties.

Law change seen as threat to police independence

Inspector General Kimaiyo Was Hired By The NPSC Chaired By Johnstone Kavuludi. Photo File Inspector General Kimaiyo was hired by the NPSC chaired by Johnstone Kavuludi. NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 24 – Civil society groups in Nairobi are considering mounting a legal challenge after Parliament passed a law giving the presidential office a greater say in the selection of senior police officials. The move...