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Court halts trial of Muthama over Malili ranch sale

The Trial Magistrate Halted The Case After She Was Informed That The High Court Had Blocked Their Prosecution A Day Before They Were Arraigned In Court FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 19 – The trial of Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama and his co-accused over the sale of Malili Ranch has been suspended.

Police Recruitment Case Set To Start

Police Recruitment Case Set To Start The High Court has directed that those interested in being enjoined in a case seeking cancellation of the recent police recruitment be given up to 17th September to do so.

Police who failed scrutiny sacked

Sacked Police Officers Peter Eregae (left) And Jonathan Koskei. PHOTOS | FILE | Sacked Police Officers Peter Eregae (left) and Jonathan Koskei. The two, both of the rank of senior deputy commissioner of police II, were found unfit to continue serving during the vetting, but went to court through their lawyer Alloys Apell, claiming they were not prepared for the scrutiny and...

Kimaiyo moves five more senior officers in mini reshufle

Inspector General Of Police David Kimaiyo. Kenya: Five more senior police commanders have been moved in a mini-reshuffle. The five include Kisumu County Police Commander David Ngetich, who has been moved to Kenya Airports Police Unit (KAPU) operations area.

Katiba is four; should we rejoice or mourn?

August 27 marked our Constitution’s fourth birthday. Should we have celebrated its achievements or mourned its ongoing desecration? Those who’ve learnt to temper their enthusiasms — who pride themselves on “growing up,” ”moving on” and being “realistic”—urged celebration.

Court summons senator, former PS

Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama, former Communications PS, Dr Bitange Ndemo and seven others have been summoned to appear in a Nairobi court to face fraud and theft charges over a land transaction associated with Konza Techno City.

Kimaiyo lays out criteria for co-opting police retirees

DAVID KIMWOLE KIMAIYO NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 22 – Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has said that only police officers who have retired honourably from the service will join the National Association of Retired Police officers.

Manager charged for 'disabling' lifts to NPSC offices

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Kavuludi Had Sought Explanation Why The Lifts Are Automated In Such A Way That Only The NPSC Commissioners Get Stuck But Not Other Users FILE NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 21 – The manager of Sky Park Plaza in Westlands has been charged in a Nairobi court for allegedly withdrawing lift services to floors housing the National Police Service Commission.