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Kimaiyo tells officers to ignore shoot-to-kill order

Main Topix: Inspector General Of Police David Kimaiyo - Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa
Kimaiyo Says Police Officers Must Operate Within The Law, Which Is Explicit Under The National Police Service Act FILENAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 28 – Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has asked his officers to ignore a shoot-to-kill order issued by the provincial administration in Mombasa, against gunmen who attacked a church in Likoni last Sunday. Kimaiyo says police officers must operate within the law, which is explicit under the National Police Service Act. “Nobody in this country is authorised to shoot-to-kill whether it is a law enforcement officer. Due process of the law must be followed; an officer may be justified to use his official firearm when his life is in imminent danger,” Kimaiyo said on Friday in response to a question during a meeting with members of the Editors’ Guild. He said there could also be justification to use a firearm when the life of another person is in danger or property is at risk. He explained that the use of firearms “is not to shoot to kill. He said that even he could not order policemen to shoot-to-kill, since such a decision can only be made at the discretion of the officer at a scene of...
  • CapitalFM
    100 youths detained as Likoni toll hits 6

Recent transfers illegal, Kavuludi says in fresh row with Kimaiyo

Main Topix: Inspector General Of Police David Kimaiyo - National Police Service Commission
Nairobi, Kenya: Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo has sparked a fresh war with the National Police Service Commission ( NPSC) over the transfer of senior police officers. The IG’s move is the latest in a series of actions that have caused an uproar and ended up in court. Kimaiyo ignored a court order issued by Justice George Odunga blocking the removal of officers who were manning weighbridges. He had transferred the officers from the weighbridges on claims of corruption but the commission opposed the move. Last year, the IG posted 141 county commanders without involving the commission. Kimaiyo defended himself saying the officers had been deployed and not transferred but the court dismissed this, terming it illegal. The latest move has caused an uproar among a section of police officers and other commissioners who have termed it illegal. Kimayo and his deputies, Grace Kaindi and Samuel Arachi, are members of the commission. The National Police Service Act says before the IG transfers an officer of the rank of sergeant and above, he must inform the commission. Other members of...

Report: 48 lives lost to police bullets this year

Main Topix: National Police Service Act - January And February
At least 48 people lost their lives to police bullets in the last two months alone, as the confrontation between law enforcers and suspected criminals gets bloodier this year. The latest report by a civil society organisation that monitors police activity indicates officers have killed almost thrice the number of people they killed in the same period last year. The report by the Independent Medico-Legal Unit says by the end of January and February last year, police had killed 16 people compared to 48 in the same period this year. Last year, police bullets fell at least 143 people according to the report, with 98 of them allegedly executed, 15 shot to protect life and 30 were executed in unclear circumstances. The figures were obtained through reports submitted by victims, IMLU’s network of monitors and monitoring the print and electronic media. This comes even as the National Assembly discusses proposals to amend the National Police Service Act 2011, ostensibly to give police more robust powers to use lethal force in the fight against crime. The numbers could be higher because...

32 officers quizzed as police vetting resumes

Main Topix: Senior Assistant Commissioner And Assistant Commissioners Of Police - Chief Security Officer Eric Kiraithe And Patrick Lumumba
Due To The High Numbers Of Police Officers Undergoing The Exercise In The 3rd Phase, The Commission Has Formed Four Panels Being Led By Various NPSC Members FILENAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 4 – The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) retreated on Tuesday to analyse the outcome of the vetting of 32 officers in the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners of Police done on Monday. Due to the high numbers of police officers undergoing the exercise in the 3rd phase, the commission has formed four panels being led by various NPSC members. The Johnstone Kavuludi-led panels will resume the exercise on Wednesday with another set of 32 officers undergoing vetting. The process is being conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution Article 246 and National Police Service Act (2011) Section 7(2) and (3) which stipulate that members of the National Police Service shall undergo vetting to assess their suitability and competence. The overall objective of the vetting is to build confidence and trust in the National Police Service. The applicable vetting standards include officers’ satisfaction of entry and training requirements, their professional conduct and discipline, integrity, financial probity, and respect for human rights. Out of 30 senior police officers who underwent the exercise in the...
  • The Standard
    Kimaiyo names County CID chiefs in another show of defiance

Police vetting moves to 166 senior cops

Main Topix: Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru And Nairobi Deputy Commandant Moses Ombati - National Police Service Commission
The 32 Are Among 166 Officers In The Rank Of Senior Assistant Commissioners Of Police And Assistant Commissioners Of Police Who Are To Be Vetted In The Next Two Weeks FILENAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 3 – Thirty-two senior police officers underwent serious personal scrutiny Monday as the third phase of the national police vetting exercise kicked off in Nairobi. The 32 are among 166 officers in the rank of senior assistant commissioners of police and assistant commissioners of police who are to be vetted in the next two weeks. Unlike in the last two phases, in Monday’s session, there were four panels being led by various commissioners of the National Police Service Commission. Vitalis Otieno who is currently attached to the CID headquarters, revealed to the panel how a section of police officers serving under the anti narcotic department gained wealth by colluding with drug barons. He said such officers are enticed by the ‘easy money’ that comes along while executing their duties. “Most officers who want to be corrupt would like to serve under this department so that they get easy money. Due to the few numbers of narcotic officers in the field, if a corrupt officer comes across these drugs, he will spoil the case,” he pointed out. In...

Six suspects shot dead by police in Nairobi

Main Topix: National Police Service Act - Industrial Area
KWEYU: Who should teach sexuality to children? Police at a crime scene in Nairobi. At least six suspects have been shot dead by police in Nairobi in the last 12 hours. Five of the suspects were shot dead at Express Kenya Limited in Industrial Area while the sixth was shot dead in Ngara and a toy pistol recovered. The shooting of the six, said to have been armed with crude weapons and a toy pistol, has raised questions on the justifiable circumstances of using lethal force. Police have however defended their actions, saying that the suspects refused to surrender. Nairobi county commander Benson Kibue said that about eight men armed with crude weapons forced their way into the company premises at Industrial Area at around 1am on Sunday where they attacked watchmen before tying them with wires. They then loaded motorcycle tyres into a lorry but were confronted by the police as they were driving out of the compound. Five of them were shot dead while two escaped. The sixth suspect was shot in Ngara on Saturday night where police...

Counties face delicate balance in boosting security

Main Topix: Ministry Of Interior And Coordination Of National Government - National Police Service Act
The Constitution is clear that security is a national Government function. The cost of devolved functions based on the 2014/15 budget estimates show that the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government has allocated nothing to counties. When you look at ongoing implementation of budgets by some governors, many are coming up with proactive measures of engaging the security function. They are aware that it is a national Government function, but so far have gone ahead to buy police cars. That is the script in Nyeri, Mombasa and Machakos counties among others. Some like Machakos have promised to fuel and service the vehicles. The national Government on its part has started leasing equipment. Police vehicles are the first and a tender was given out to a firm to lease vehicles to the police as a cost cutting measure. Leasing ensures that maintenance of the vehicles, which has been a tough call for the police, is done by the lessor, hence their vehicles will or should at all times be in good condition and thereby boost their function. Truth is,...
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    Counties that are daring to dream big for a prosperous future
  • The Standard
    Uasin Gishu, Baringo top in county bribery
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    Obstacles that threatened to derail Mutua's visionary plan

Police service launches revised standing orders

Main Topix: Deputy Inspector General Of Kenya Police Service Grace Kaindi - National Police Service Standing Orders Consultation Draft
The National Police Service (NPS) has presented the services standing orders drafts to the stakeholders to enable them give their views to the technical committee drafting the fourth edition. The views provided will guide the committee to come up with the final edition that will give officers guidance on how to ethically conduct themselves. The Inspector General of Police David Kimayo in a speech read on his behalf by the Deputy Inspector General of Kenya Police Service Grace Kaindi said that the draft which is the fourth edition of the Police Standing Orders and the first composite under the National Police Service (NPS) will guide police officers in their operations and help them use the right judgment at all times. “With the new edition, the police service will be transformed from a force into a service that will be appreciated by the public because we will give them the services they want, he said. He said the promulgation of the new Constitution of Kenya in 2010 introduced fundamental changes in both the structure and command of the police thereby establishing...

MPs call for proactive measures against insecurity

Main Topix: Ken Obura And Ababu Namwamba - Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso
Members of Parliament are now calling for proactive measures in addressing security matters in the country. While sending their condolences to Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor who lost his parents in an arson attack last week, the legislators criticized what they termed the postmortem nature of handling insecurity in the country. In a debate that saw proceedings extended, the Mps called for allocation of more resources to the security personnel and fast tracking of police reforms to deal with the problem. Rarieda MP Nicolas Gumbo regretted that cases of insecurity have become rampant accusing the police of laxity. Lagdera MP Mohamed Shidiye claimed that the government was getting its priorities wrong and that it either arms or disarms the general public. Owuor who narrated the ordeal to the House, claimed his life is in danger following receipt of threats from an individual he alleged has been working closely with the area security personnel. Gem legislator James Nyikal called for the transfer of all officers attached to the Nyanza region. Suna East legislator Sheikh Junet Mohamed said the security system has failed...
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LSK seeks court order to eject Traffic boss

Main Topix: National Police Service Commission - Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru
LSK has filed a suit seeking orders to eject Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru over increased tragic road accidents. The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has filed a suit seeking orders to eject Traffic Commandant Samuel Kimaru over increased tragic road accidents. The suit seeks a declaration that the Traffic Commandant is unfit to hold office following omissions, actions, abuse of power and gross neglect of Constitutional and Statutory duties. LSK has included the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) as respondents in the case filed at the High Court in Mombasa. The suit further seeks an order directing the NPSC to sack Mr Samuel Kimaru as an employee of the Service. According to the plaint (legal papers) drawn and filed by Ndegwa Muthama Katisya & Associates Advocates who are representing LSK, thousands of lives are being lost on roads. “Neglect of duty by the Traffic Commandant and the NPSC leads to loss of over 3,000 lives on the road annually,” says LSK in the plaint. LSK told the High Court that over 9,000 people are maimed for life annually, 26,000 vehicles...
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    LSK wants traffic chief to hit the road
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    Another accident claims 7 lives in Kiambaa
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    PSV Drivers To Receive Reward For Good Driving Behavior