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High agency fees inflate air fares, dampen local tourism growth

Tourists Arrive At The Moi International Airport. A New Report Says Some Kenyan Travel Agencies Are Overcharging On Air Fares. PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | Tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport. A new report says some Kenyan travel agencies are overcharging on air fares.

Gillette plans new drive to boost its edge in thinning market

Gillette, a 112-year-old brand, has had to work extra hard to keep its edge in a market that is getting smaller, but still has a lot of untapped potential.

Scangroup pre-tax profit up 151 per cent

Kenya: Scangroup has announced a 151 per cent growth in pre-tax profit for the six months period ended June 30.

Amazon will most likely keep mum about Fire Phone

E-commerce giant Amazon is expected to release its earnings on July 24, 2014, with many enthusiasts waiting to hear whether Fire Phone is actually selling.

Google dethrones Apple as World's most valuable brand

Google Logo FILE Apple’s reign as the world’s most valuable has been ended by Google after three years at the top of the brand chain, according to research company Millward Brown.

Google Is Now The World's Most Valuable Brand

Main Topix: Microsoft And MacDonald - Millward Brown
Google Is Now The World’s Most Valuable Brand Up until today, Apple was considered to be the world’s most valuable. This has greatly changed according to a study published by a marketing research company, Millward Brown that shows that Google is the most valuable brand for 2014.

Fear of alien invasion as UFO crashes to earth

China: The bizarre object was seen hurtling to earth and a huge piercing sound was heard, but it later turned out to be a piece of debris from a Russian rocket.

Scangroup profit up 15 per cent on revaluation gain

Scangroup CEO Bharat Thakrar says the company plans to buy stakes in Angola and Mozambique marketing firms. Scangroup gains from a Sh605 million boost from review of its investment in Millward Brown.