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ETHNIC THREAD RUNS IN SPORTS: Defying stereotype despite ethnic bias

Main Topix: Cleveland Indians And Atlanta Braves - Kenya National Football League
Some of the world's most famous and biggest passions in sport run under ethnic, religious and sectarian names; teams like Boston and Glasgow Celtics, The Maoris (rugby XV), Asante (Ashanti) Kotoko, Universidad Católica (football, Chile), Mumbai Indians (IPL Cricket), Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves (baseball) and Washington Redskins (American...

Coverage from Uganda Newspapers

  • The Monitor
    Silverbacks, She Cranes and Gazelles show Cranes way to 'Uganda's year'

Mzungu smokes before feared 'cop'

Man Smoking One of the most feared men around shocked Nairobians last week when he was spotted condoning behaviour that the government body he heads fights against.

Queries as pilot e-parking system starts in Nairobi

Nairobi City County Town Clerk Roba Duba (centre) Gets A Briefing On The E Parking Payment System From Yu’s Head Of Mobile Payments, Mr Jeremiah Siage (right), As City Treasurer Jimmy Kiamba Looks On. This Was During A Pilot Phase Of The New Platform On Nairobi’s Koinange Street On August 29, 2014. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | Nairobi City County Town Clerk Roba Duba (centre) gets a briefing on the e-parking payment system from yu’s head of mobile payments, Mr Jeremiah Siage (right), as city treasurer Jimmy Kiamba looks on.

Fare thee well, Nairobi's home of song and sin

What Remains Of The Popular And Once Famous Night Club After It Was Demolished. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU What remains of the popular and once famous night club after it was demolished. The demolition of that iconic building that housed New Florida Night Club has been met with sorrowful reactions.

Where Nairobis women go to smoke

Smoking Zone In CBD What stands out in Nairobi's smoking zones is the clear absence of women amidst the crowd of nicotine-enslaved men who turn these crammed sheds or open lots into stuffy, fume-filled dens, distinctively reeking of tobacco as the men 'kata kiu' and watch smoke lazily waft from a myriad of...

Drama as wedding of underage girl to old man aborts

Underage Wedding Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions where we celebrate the new couple moving on to fairy-tale bliss, and living happily ever after.

The Kings Of Soul Music Are Coming To Nairobi Tonight, Here Is Where To Get Them

The Kings Of Soul Music Are Coming To Nairobi Tonight, Here Is Where To Get Them It is Thursday and Nairobi's Premier Club brings you the best of sou music you cannot afford to miss.
  • Ghafla
    Guess who Juliani was Dedicating to his new Love song to?

Pioneer M-Pesa dealer rides the telecoms wave

Esther Muchemi, founder and chief executive Samchi Telecom. 2000 Opened Samchi Telecom on Koinange Street, Nairobi, to sell airtime, mobile phones and SIM cards. 2002 Opened Samchi’s second branch in Eastleigh, Nairobi. 2006 Became pioneer M-Pesa dealer as the service was being tested before being officially launched. 2009 Named best dealer in distribution resources by Safaricom. 2011 2nd runners up dealer of the year and best M-Pesa agent. 2012 2nd runners up dealer of the year and best data dealer. 2014 Named finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. After working for nearly two decades as an auditor, Esther Muchemi decided to venture into Kenya’s nascent telecommunications business where she saw many opportunities. Ms Muchemi founded Samchi Telecom in 2000 to sell airtime, mobile phones and SIM cards, with hopes of cashing in on the imminent mobile revolution that was to sweep the country. “Telecommunication business was on the verge of exploding. I had an instinct that IT was going to be a big thing in Kenya,” says the University of Nairobi accounting graduate. Samchi Telecom...

Java, Subway eye middle class cash

Main Topix: House And US-based - Mama Ngina Street
Nairobi Java House Along Koinange Street (left) And Subway Restaurant At The Junction Mall. Photos FILENairobi Java house along Koinange street (left) and Subway restaurant at the Junction mall. Java House and US-based fast-food chain Subway are expected to open more outlets in Nairobi in the next couple of weeks as the fight for the middle class cash intensifies. Subway opens its second store in Kenya this week on Kenyatta Avenue. The store has taken over the space formerly occupied by Savannah Lounge, owned by Sasini Group, which closed its doors last year. Subway opened its first outlet in September, at Junction mall and has recorded good business. Typically city centre are our busiest stores with the core client being people looking for a quick meal,” said Christopher Bak, a director at Liberty Eagle Holdings, the local Subway franchise holder. Kenyan Java House is set to increase its footprint with seven new outlets this year including five in Nairobi, a branch in Kampala and Kisumu. It is eyeing to open an express coffee shop near Mama Ngina Street, another branch on Westlands Road, in Hurlingham and in Greenspan Mall, Donholm by September. Java House is...

Restaurant review: Sundeck Pizzeria And Grill

EntranceThe Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill is an exquisite restaurant located at the junction of University Way and Koinange Street, inside the Nairobi Safari Club. It is known for its delicious pizzas offered with a wide range of drinks in a posh outdoor atmosphere. The pizzeria is a one stop shop and its menu includes Indian cuisines, vegetarian foods, grilled chicken and beef as well as coffee, tea and juices. 150 and the pizzas range from Ksh. 300 only for the small and from Ksh. I visited Sundeck Pizzeria with a friend and I was delighted by the warm reception accorded to us and the delectable pizzas. First off, we got a special chance to watch our pizzas being prepared by the enthusiastic and cheerful Italian-trained chef, Fredrick. We sampled the new Palak Paneer Pizza, the Tomato Concasse Chicken Curry pizza and the Calzone Chicken Curry Pizza and had Mango and Passion fruit juices for drinks. I ate the Palak Paneer pizza first and I must say that it exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. Palak Paneer is a...