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State in Sh588m bailout bid for Telkom Kenya

A Man Walks Past Orange Shop Along Koinange Street In Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE A man walks past Orange shop along Koinange Street in Nairobi. The Treasury has requested Parliament to allocate Telkom Kenya Sh90 million for salaries, Sh338 million for pending bills, including travel agency fees and another Sh110 million for unspecified expenses.

Prison Diaries: From police boss to life behind bars

Alexander Chepkonga (left), And Dickson Munene In Nairobi Court Yesterday Where They Were Charged With The Murder Of Dr James Ng'ang'a Muiruri In Westlands. PHOTO | FILE | NATION Alexander Chepkonga (left), and Dickson Munene in Nairobi Court yesterday where they were charged with the murder of Dr James Ng'ang'a Muiruri in Westlands.

Orange back to drawing board as buyout bid flops

Orange Shop Along Koinange Street In Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE Orange shop along Koinange Street in Nairobi. Viettel Group, the Vietnamese firm that wanted to acquire a 70 per cent stake in Telkom Kenya, said it is no longer keen on buying the stake.
  • East African
    Is the mobile number portability idea dead on arrival? Experts differ

ETHNIC THREAD RUNS IN SPORTS: Defying stereotype despite ethnic bias

Main Topix: Cleveland Indians And Atlanta Braves - Kenya National Football League
Some of the world's most famous and biggest passions in sport run under ethnic, religious and sectarian names; teams like Boston and Glasgow Celtics, The Maoris (rugby XV), Asante (Ashanti) Kotoko, Universidad Católica (football, Chile), Mumbai Indians (IPL Cricket), Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves (baseball) and Washington Redskins (American...

Coverage from Uganda Newspapers

  • The Monitor
    Silverbacks, She Cranes and Gazelles show Cranes way to 'Uganda's year'

Mzungu smokes before feared 'cop'

Man Smoking One of the most feared men around shocked Nairobians last week when he was spotted condoning behaviour that the government body he heads fights against.

Queries as pilot e-parking system starts in Nairobi

Nairobi City County Town Clerk Roba Duba (centre) Gets A Briefing On The E Parking Payment System From Yu’s Head Of Mobile Payments, Mr Jeremiah Siage (right), As City Treasurer Jimmy Kiamba Looks On. This Was During A Pilot Phase Of The New Platform On Nairobi’s Koinange Street On August 29, 2014. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | Nairobi City County Town Clerk Roba Duba (centre) gets a briefing on the e-parking payment system from yu’s head of mobile payments, Mr Jeremiah Siage (right), as city treasurer Jimmy Kiamba looks on.

Fare thee well, Nairobi's home of song and sin

What Remains Of The Popular And Once Famous Night Club After It Was Demolished. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU What remains of the popular and once famous night club after it was demolished. The demolition of that iconic building that housed New Florida Night Club has been met with sorrowful reactions.

Where Nairobis women go to smoke

Smoking Zone In CBD What stands out in Nairobi's smoking zones is the clear absence of women amidst the crowd of nicotine-enslaved men who turn these crammed sheds or open lots into stuffy, fume-filled dens, distinctively reeking of tobacco as the men 'kata kiu' and watch smoke lazily waft from a myriad of...