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MPs reject Raila's Sh15bn claim

Public Accounts Committee chairman Ababu Namwamba and vice-chairperson Cecily Mbarire Thursday during the hearing on claims of irregularities regarding the expenditure of Sh8 billion by the Interior ministry during the last General Election.

Taxpayers' loss as state offices fight in court

Main Topix: Independent Policing Oversight Authority - Kenya Reinsurance Corporation Services
Attorney General Githu Muigai At His Office In Nairobi On May 19, 2014. Prof Muigai said the State Law Office received at least 10 constitutional petitions daily, some of which can be solved outside the court.

IPOA files case against police recruitment exercise

Policerecruitment The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has moved to the high-court seeking the nullification of recruitment of 10,000 police officers that was carried out in July.

Police tricks were 'worse than those used to rig an election'

Main Topix: Independent Police Oversight Authority - Ethics And Anti-Corruption Commission
The appalling catalogue of bribery, skullduggery that dogged the recent controversial police recruitment can be revealed after weeklong investigations by the Sunday Nation.

Kenya falls short of rail cargo growth, slum upgrade targets

Trucks At Mombasa Port. World Bank Says Kenya Did Not Meet Its Target To Increase Cargo Handled By Rail From 1.56 Million Tonnes In 2009 To 2.3 Million Tonnes In 2013. Photo FILE World Bank says Kenya did not meet its target to increase cargo handled by rail from 1.56 million tonnes in 2009 to 2.3 million tonnes in 2013.

Nairobi County official grilled over garbage tender

Nairobi, Kenya: Nairobi County Assembly Public Accounts Committee has grilled the Chief Officer for Environment Leah Oyake on tendering for garbage collection in the city.

Groundwork laid for oil training courses for key ministries

An Aerial View Of The Tullow Oil Rig In Turkana County. PHOTO | FILEAn aerial view of the Tullow oil rig in Turkana County. The ministry of Energy and Petroleum has set up a training programme for government agencies involved in the oil and gas industry.

Nzoia Sugar owes Sh32bn and is insolvent, PIC told

Auditor-General Edward Ouko says Nzoia Sugar Company cannot be turned around. A special audit report shows the company has loans of Sh12 billion, an outstanding debt of Sh11.8 billion and interest of Sh8 billion that was reported to be rising daily.