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What does government know?

Main Topix: Turkana And Elchamus - Baringo County
The ongoing military operation in Kapedo, Baringo, and adjoining areas to flush out cattle rustlers, who nearly a month ago killed 22 police officers, has touched off intense debate on whether the state has its pulse on matters security.

ABDULLAHI: Time for Uhuru to act on internal security failures

President Uhuru Kenyatta At The Kapedo GSU Camp During His Tour Of The Area On November 2, 2014. PHOTO | PSCU It is his agents on the ground that bring about the success or failures of his policies.

Chinese firm loses security tender

CCTV Cameras Along Moi Avenue In Nairobi On November 21, 2013. The Government Has Demonstrated Sustained Eagerness To Invest In More Technology In Its Bid To Counter Runaway Crime And Terrorism, But The Ventures Being Pursued Lack Well Thought Out Expectations. PHOTO   DIANA NGILA   FILE CCTV cameras along Moi Avenue in Nairobi on November 21, 2013. A Chinese company has lost its claim to the multi-billion shillings installation of security surveillance cameras in major towns across the country.

Fresh probe into Anglo Leasing

Attorney General Githu Muigai (right) Flanked By Switzerland Ambassador To Kenya Jacques Pitteloud Address Journalists At The AG Chambers In Nairobi On June 23, 2014. Swiss Authorities Have Asked To Be Given Evidence In The Anglo Leasing Scandal To Prosecute Those Involved. PHOTO | PHOEBE OKALL Attorney-General Githu Muigai (right) flanked by Switzerland ambassador to Kenya Jacques Pitteloud address journalists at the AG Chambers in Nairobi on June 23, 2014.
  • The Daily Nation
    Payment of Anglo Leasing firms vindicated by US ruling on Argentina: AG

Kenya risks billion shilling lawsuit over security tender

Main Topix: Corporate Affairs Nzioka Waita - National Police Service
Firms say their deal with the State is still valid and will sue if the frequencies are awarded to other persons.
  • CapitalFM
    Safaricom security project to cost Sh21bn in all counties

Safaricom reveals Huawei involvement in CCTV tender

Main Topix: Administration And National Security - Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore
Kenya: Safaricom has confirmed that Chinese giant telcom Huawei will be providing infrastructure support for the Sh14.9 billion security tender it was awarded last month.
  • CapitalFM
    Collymore defends security system before MPs
  • Business Daily Africa
    Taxpayers to fork out Sh45bn for national security network
  • CapitalFM
    Collymore appears before MPs committee over security deal

Tale of volatile land issue in Nakuru region

Disputes range from indigenous communities like the Maasai and Ogiek laying claim to huge ancestral chunks of land to individual ownership rows.

Betty Njoroge: Arbitrary Arrests do not translate into better Security

Main Topix: Nairobi's Eastleigh - Nairobi And Mombasa
Two weeks ago, a small church in Likoni area of Mombasa County was brutally attacked by unknown gunmen and 6 people were killed and 15 others injured. In what appears to be a pattern of attacks by “criminal” elements targeting civilian populations, the gunmen executed their objective swiftly, and escaped effortlessly. The emerging story of one little boy, baby Satrine Osinya has now captivated the national attention even as the public condemnation of the attack changed direction from blaming “criminals” to blaming Muslims. The immediate response by the Mombasa County commissioner was to give the police a “shoot-to-kill” order even before any investigations were conducted and suspects identified. The police response since that church attack has been quite shocking. They arrested over 100 villagers, and then detained a further 59 people of whom 49 were later released for loitering. 2 “suspects” were shot to death and thus far no direct link between all these individuals including the people killed has been made. Almost predictably, an outspoken Muslim activist, Abubakar Sharrif aka “Makaburi” was shot dead outside the Mombasa courts in...

Uhuru hints at major crackdown to restore security

Main Topix: Internal Security Ministry - President Kenyatta
KiganjoPresident Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a two week ultimatum to those holding illegal weapons and hinted that a major crackdown on criminal networks was in the offing. The President’s announcement of an impending action comes to reinforce the directive by the Internal Security Ministry that all refugees must return to the recognized refugee camps in the country. “We have hosted more than a million refugees for more than 20 years without imposing any restrictions. Our war is against criminals” said President Kenyatta. To the graduating police officers, 1145 male and 1064 female, the President said the security and safety of Kenyans was in their hands. The President said there are many criminals who plot to do harm to Kenyans and that there hatred does not spare women and children. “Law enforcement is not a career for the fearful and the greedy” said the President, and told the new officers to defend “our citizens to the best of your abilities”. The President also assured the police of the government’s continued support citing the acquisition of 1000 vehicles, improved welfare and accommodation....

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