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The Nile saga: Will Egypt and Ethiopia go to war?

A section of the controversial Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Most of the journalists in Addis Ababa were busy covering the celebrations of the 50th African Union Anniversary during the last week of May when the Office of Ethiopian Government Communicat

Ethiopia ratifies River Nile treaty amid Egypt tension

Ethiopia's parliament has ratified a treaty intended to replace colonial-era agreements that gave Egypt and Sudan the biggest share of the Nile's water. The move comes amid growing tensions with Egypt over Ethiopia's plans for a hydroelectric dam on the B

Egyptian warning over Ethiopia Nile dam

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy has said "all options are open" to deal with any threat to his country's water supply posed by an Ethiopian dam. Mr Morsy said he was not "calling for war", but that he would not allow Egypt's water supply to be endangere

Ethiopia to press ahead with dam project despite Egypt's warning

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam design. Cairo believes more studies are needed of the dam’s impact on its water supply which is almost entirely dependent on the Nile, and it has rejected a report by international experts which minimises the impact on

Ethiopia diverts Blue Nile for controversial dam construction

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam design. Ethiopia has started diverting a stretch of the Blue Nile to make way for a $4.7 billion hydroelectric dam that has caused a dispute with countries downstream, state media say. The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Da

Nile diversion: Cairo and Khartoum in talks

The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam design. Egypt and Sudan were holding talks Thursday following a decision by Ethiopia to divert the Blue Nile as part of a giant dam project which affects the two downstream Arab states. Sudan’s minister of Irrigation Os