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Judge summons ex-NSSF manager

KENYA: A former National Social Security Fund ( NSSF) Managing Trustee has been summoned to appear before a magistrate’s court over Sh1.6 billion shillings fraud case. Rachel Lum

Ex-NSSF boss testifies in Sh1.6b fraud case

Kenya; A former National Social Security Fund Managing Trustee has been summoned to appear before a magistrate’s court over a Sh1.6 billion fraud case. Rachel Lumbasyo is require
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Court summons former NSSF boss in Sh1.6bn fraud case

Former NSSF managing trustee Ms Rachel Lumbasyo. A former National Social Security Fund boss was yesterday summoned by a Nairobi court over claims that Sh1.6 billion was stolen dur
Regional lawyers support JSC   Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Eight bosses in ten years, the curse of leading NSSF

Photo FILE  NSSF Headquarters In Nairobi.The national provident fund has been embroiled in multi-billion shilling scandals since it was founded in 1987. There has also been a high turnover of managing trustees, each leavi

Discount statutory manager gets six-month extension

Discount Securities Went Under In 2009 On Fraudulent Transactions By The Firm’s Employees. FILEDiscount Securities went under in 2009 on fraudulent transactions by the firm’s employees. The extension gives investors more time to file compensation claims with the collapsed

Start vetting the NSSF board of trustees

The auditor-general’s report tells us that the National Social Security Fund has lost more than Sh3 billion in dubious land deals and contracts. Of course, that is not news by NS

NSSF savers lose billions in dubious contracts, land deals

NSSF Building In Nairobi. Photo FILEThe National Social Security Fund headquarters in Nairobi. An audit report has revealed the loss of more than Sh3 billion. Auditor-General Edward Ouko says contributors to the NSSF

Court orders NSSF to reinstate auditor

Mr Justice Makau said the fact that Ms Ndirangu is one of the nine suspects charged in 2007 over the loss of Sh1.6 billion invested in the collapsed Discount Securities Limited by